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Home Breath Test Kit Prices

2 Tests - $245.00*
3 Tests - $355.00
4 Tests - $465.00
5 Tests - $575.00
6 Tests - $685.00
7 Tests - $795.00


Prices are inclusive of $25 for delivery anywhere in Australia, and reply paid postage (with parcel tracking) back to Gastrolab.

Ordering Information

*A compulsory Lactulose control test is included in each kit. (See FAQs below for more information).
Therefore as a default we will assume a minimum of 2 tests per kit order.


Once order is placed and payment made, this cost is non-refundable.

Gastrolab Home Breath Test Kit



Hydrogen / Methane breath tests diagnoses the following gut disorders known to cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms. Breath tests can be ordered without a doctor's referral. For self-referred patients the below table is a guide only.


For fructose malabsorption, recommended in all IBS patients, especially those with symptoms related to fruits, vegetables, honey and foods containing high fructose corn syrup.


For lactose malabsorption (lactase deficiency), recommended in all IBS patients, especially those with symptoms related to milk/dairy products.


For suspected sorbitol malabsorption. Sorbitol is found in some fruits (e.g. stone fruits) and as a sweetener in sugar-free foods (eg. artificially sweetened gums/mints).


For suspected sucrose malabsorption (sucrase-isomaltase deficiency). Sucrose is found in processed foods (as common table sugar), and in fruits and vegetables.


For suspected mannitol malabsorption, particularly in vegetarians. Mannitol is used as a sugar substitute and occurs naturally in some vegetables e.g. mushrooms, snow peas, cauliflower.

For additional information about these sugars see: Carbohydrate Malabsorption.


Recommended for investigation of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.


1. Why should I take a hydrogen/methane breath test?

Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) experience chronic or recurrent gut symptoms such as abdominal bloating, discomfort and diarrhoea/constipation. These symptoms may be caused by dietary triggers. Malabsorption of certain dietary sugars (called FODMAPs) is a leading cause of IBS symptoms. Medical and allied health professionals request these tests for their patients during the diagnostic work up of IBS symptoms.

2. Why don't I just avoid the foods that I think are causing my gut problems?

A reduction/elimination diet has many limitations; mainly they are protracted, unscientific and have poor diagnostic accuracy. Further, FODMAP malabsorption is different to (but often confused with) coeliac disease, food allergy and food chemical sensitivity. Breath tests are highly specific and sensitive diagnostic tools. A proper diagnosis can confirm whether FODMAP malabsorption is the cause of IBS symptoms, thereby guiding subsequent dietary management and avoiding unnecessary food restrictions.

3. What is the procedure for completing home kits after I place an order?

A Gastrolab staff member will call you during business hours to collect payment and answer any questions you may have. Read the patient instructions emailed to you. Your home kit will be posted to your nominated delivery address with all test components and instructions. Be sure to follow all pre-test preparations (eg. fasting).

Testing simply involves drinking a sugar solution and collecting multiple breath samples using a specialised mouthpiece and collection vials for a period of up to 3hrs. Testing can be performed at home and even at work, as long as there is no substantial physical exertion involved at work (eg. office and sedentary work).

After your last test, post all samples together back to Gastrolab without delay. Reply paid labels, Australia Post tracking labels and tamper evident seals are included for posting samples back to Gastrolab.

4. How quickly do I need to complete the tests, and in what order?

To ensure best results, complete all tests as soon as possible; we recommend one test is performed every 2-3 days. You do not have to complete tests in any specific order, however we suggest you perform the compulsory Lactulose test first. After your final test, post all samples back to Gastrolab immediately for analysis.

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